Lady Finger Template

Ladyfingers, called Savoiardi in Italian, meaning 'from Savoy', orginated in the late 15th cenutry at the court of the Duchy of Savoy and were created to mark the occasion of a visit of the King of France.  They also form a principal ingredient in many French dessert and are known as 'Biscuits a la cuillere'.

Although these delicate sponge fingers can be eaten on their own as a petit four or as an accompainment to ice creams, they are traditionally soaked in syrup or liquor and used as part of more complex desserts such as Tiramisu, English Triffles or Charlottes.

The Lady Finger Template deposits these sophisticated sponge fingers speedily and effortlessly by using a series of thin, tightly aligned depositing tubes which perfectly reproduce their delightful shape and texture.  Before baking, powdered sugar is usually sifted over the top of the fingers to give them their characteristic soft crust.

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