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Below is a selection of our favourite recipes of 2018 which we come back to time and time again.  Please feel free to download any you would like to try out for yourself; we hope you enjoy making - and eating these delicious creations as much as we do!

Naturally for larger quantities, the ingredients will need to be scaled-up.

MONO Sugar-Free Muffins

January 2018 - No-Added-Sugar Muffins
Delicious wholemeal Blueberry & Banana Muffins, perfect for a guilt-free new year treat!

MONO Valentines Day Biscuits

February 2018 - Valentines Day Biscuits
A perfect gift for Valentines Day; rich and buttery shortbread biscuits!

MONO Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

February 2018 - Shrove Tuesday Pancakes
These golden brown pancakes make the perfect Shrove Tuesday Treat!

MONO Chocolate Cake

April 2018 - Gooey Chocolate Cake
The ultimate cake for all the chocolate lovers out there!

MONO Magical rainbow Cake

May 2018 - Magical Rainbow Cake
The ‘must-have’ celebration cake at the moment has to be the highly-colourful Rainbow Cake.

MONO Raspberry Bakewell Cake

June 2018 - Raspberry Bakewell Cake
A quick and easy to make summer favourite filled with fresh raspberries and baked almonds!

MONO Summer Pudding

July 2018 - Summer Fruits Pudding
Summer Fruits Pudding is a favourite summer-time British dessert.

MONO Chocolate Chip Cookies

August 2018 - Choc-Chip Cookies
An American favourite which has become hugely popular in the UK too.

MONO Apple & Blackberry Pie

September 2018 -Apple & Blackberry Pie
A delicious pie made using seasonal autumn fruits!

MONO Cheese & Onion Muffins

October 2018 - Golden Cheese & Onion Muffins
A perfectly comforting snack for those crisp Autumn Days. Ideal for lunch boxes too! 

MONO Parkin Cake

November 2018 - Parkin Bites
Laced with oats and ginger, Parkin makes a beautifully comforting and warming treat on these crisp Autumn November evenings.

MONO Christmas Loaf Cake

December 2018 - Quick & Easy Christmas
Loaf Cake

A delicious loaf cake full of the flavours of Christmas and so quick and easy to make too!

MONO Cheese & Onion Muffins


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