MONO Multi-Rack Rotary Oven

MONO's New Multi-Rack Rotary Oven brings true versatility to businesses who require high volume production capacities combined with lower energy consumption and reliabilty.

The Multi-Rack Rotary Oven is available in either a 2-rack model or a 4-rack version providing the perfect oven solution for the majority of bakery setups.

All ovens are also available in either front loading models or with a pass-through facility to separate entirely the pre and post baking operations.

Heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire oven thanks to the rotating rack, ensuring a uniform bake and the smoothness of the air flow allows the baking of confectionery and delicate items, making it perfect for continuously baking both bread and pastry products.

Suitable for a number of UK and international tray sizes, all built-to-order MONO Rack Ovens are manufactured in stainless steel guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

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