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A Proud and Innovative Pedigree...

Today MONO Equipment is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of bakery and foodservice equipment in the United Kingdom. This proud heritage of British craftsmanship, combined with a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative products, can be traced back to its origins in 1947.

During Word War II the company’s founder and President, Mr D Ayres Jones, was engaged in his parent’s bakery in Swansea, South Wales. When his brother was conscripted for War service, Ayres found it difficult to manage the increased work load on his own and ingeniously invented a machine to mechanically mould the dough pieces which had previously been shaped by hand. Other bakers in the area became interested in the labour-saving machine and a number were produced and sold in South Wales.

In 1948 D Ayres Jones & Company was established to manufacture this innovative machine, the Mono Universal Dough Moulder, on a commercial basis; the rest, as they say, is history.