MONO Merlin L-Sealer

Mono Equipment’s highly versatile Bluebird Merlin L-Sealer wraps a large number of products produced in a typical bakery or confectionery store with exception of French sticks.

The Merlin L-Sealer, has a maximum seal area of 40cm x 40cm and is a manually operated machine which is simple and easy to use – with minimum training required.

Free-running castors allow the Merlin to be easily re-positioned, whilst the ability to operate from either two rolls of film, offers an immediate choice of film widths and breathing rates.

The craftsmanship that goes in to each built-to-order Merlin L-Sealer ensures that these machines are built to last.  The use of stainless steel in their manufacture also guarantees them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

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