Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant with Roll Forming Unit

Mono Equipment's Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant is designed to effortlessly and reliably produce high volumes of rolls with accuracy and consistency with a generous output of up 3,200 rolls per hour. 

Requiring just one person to set up and operate, the compact Two-Pocket Roll Plant automatically divides and shapes dough pieces within a surprisingly small footprint, making it the perfect solution for small to medium sized bakeries. 

The intuitive colour touch-screen controller stores up to 60 programmes and provides the user with complete control over the dividing, rounding and moulding processes, enabling a wide range of rolls to be produced with a weight range of between 30g to 100g.  Other weight ranges are available on request.

To minimise pressure on the dough and prevent over working, specially designed star rollers are used to gently feed the dough from the 15Kg hopper to the dividing and rounding chamber. with minimum pressure.

The addition of the Roll Forming Unit further extends the range of rolls that can be created to include hotdog/finger, petit pain and flattened hamburger rolls, providing true versatility in a single compact unit.

Fully automated dividing and rounding reduces manual labour

Produces a variety of rolls with a weight range of 30g to 100g (other weight ranges available)

Effortlessly and accurately produces up to 3,200 rolls per hour

User-friendly and intuitive colour touch-screen controller

Stores up to 60 programmes for quick and easy access

Special star rollers which feed the dough with minimum pressure and to reduce over working

Integrated Flour Duster to aid the clean movement of dough




Exceptional accuracy of roll weight, size and shape

Small footprint makes it the perfect solution for small spaces

Fitted with interlocked safety switches for true peace of mind

Stainless steel construction for durability and ease of cleaning

'Access-to-All-Areas' for simple cleaning and maintenance

The Roll Forming Unit also moulds hotdog/finger and hamburger rolls

USB Port to save and upload programmes

Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant
Length (including switch) 2,360mm
Width (including handle) 710mm
Height 1,765mm
Weight 640Kg
Roll Weight Range (other weights available) 30-100g
Output Capacity Up to 3,200 rolls per hour
Piston Diameter 64mm
Power Supply 3 phase N plus E, 415v, 50-60Hz, 16A, 1.8kW
Noise Level Less than 85dB
Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant with Roll Forming Unit
Length (including switch) 3,160mm
Width - Unit Open 1,350mm
Width - Unit Closed 820mm
Height 1,765mm
Weight 920Kg
Supply Voltage 2.55kW

Click on the link below to view the Two-Pocket Roll Plant Brochure:

MONO Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant

Click on the link below to view the Gemini Roll Plant User Manual:

Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant User Manual (UK)

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