Artisan Mini Deck

Introducing MONO's NEW Artisan Mini Deck, the perfect tool for enthusiastic home bakers and micro bakeries who are looking to increase their production.

Created to produce beautifully delicious bread each and every time, the Artisan Mini Deck has been made by bakers, for bakers. The simple to use design and small footprint bridges the gap between a domestic home oven and a large professional bakery oven whilst still maintaining the same superb and homely quality from both.

Among many fantastic features, the Artisan Mini Deck features 3 baking stones, four powerful heating elements, door-mounted manual damper facility and a 'no-nonsense', easy to use, control panel.

A specially designed base has been made to free up precious counter space and allow the Artisan Mini Deck to be placed anywhere in the bakery and whilst providing an area to store three trays of product as well as additional underneath storage. 

Depending on preference, there are two methods of steam insertion into the Artisan Mini Deck. Firstly, specially made and designed steam troughs can be used to generate generous amounts of steam to cover baking bread by simply pouring water into the troughs that have been pre-heating within the oven. The second is a food-safe pressurised spray gun that can be hand pumped and used to spray measured and generous amounts of steam throughout the oven.


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