Bongard Cervap Compact DB Deck Oven

Bongard's dual fuel Cervap Compact DB deck oven is designed to bake all types of bread, pastries and danish products.

Ingenious annular steam tubes containing water forms the heat exchanger and baking chambers of the oven.  The energy produced by the burner is used three times: firstly to heat the fire chamber with the flame, secondly by heating the tubes with the combustion gases and thirdly by combustion gases passing through the second tube loop.  Heat is evenly distributed throughout all of the tubes which ensures complete flexibility.

Available in 2 size options, each Bongard Cervap Compact DB Deck Oven guarantees a perfect bake whilst saving up to 1 month a year of energy.  Moreover, the low energy comsumption provides a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the amount of 800kg per year.



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