7-Tray Classic Convection Ovens

"We are in love with our new oven, the performance is excellent and we were very impressed with how easy to clean it is! Can't wait to have your deck oven one day!" Tucker's Bakery, Pontypridd

MONO Equipment's superb NEW BX Classic 7-Tray Convection Oven has been skilfully designed to incorporate all the essential functions and features needed to produce high quality bake-off products including croissants, Danish pastries, bread roll, French sticks, bagels, muffins, cup cakes, eclairs and cookies.

Baking your products has never been easier thanks to MONO's state-of-the-art BX Convection Ovens which are used by the majority of the UK's leading supermarket chains and also by many of the best independent bakers, hotels and food-2-go outlets in the UK and Overseas.

The oven chamber of the BX Classic 7-Tray oven is beautifully lit by energy efficient LED bulbs.  Using just 3 Watts of electrical power, the new LED bulbs provide energy savings of upto 88% compared with convectional bulbs.  Not only do the economical LED bulbs use a fraction of the power of their tradtional counterparts, but their life expectancy is substantially greater.

Each oven features a simple and easy to use LED Classic Controller which can store up to 9 of the most commonly used bake programs for quick and easy product recall. 

All built-to-order BX 7-Tray Convection Ovens are stackable to allow extra baking resources to be added as needed, without taking up additional floor space and are manufactured in stainless steel, guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.


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