OEM Dome Pizza Oven

A Traditional Neopolitan Pizza in Just 90 Seconds!

The Dome Electric Pizza Oven by OEM is the perfect solution for restaurants who want to produce the very best quality Neopolitan-style pizzas quickly and effortlessly and is now available directly from MONO Equipment.

The Dome has been designed to be placed front-of-house, so that customers can actually see their pizzas being loaded in to the hot glowing bake chamber and smell the beautiful aroma of their cooked pizza and toppings as they are removed from the oven's mouth straight to the table.

The World's Most Powerful Electric Dome Oven!

The very high baking temperature of up to 530 degrees C is due to the combination of the specially designed elements, the octagonal-shaped bake chamber, the 'Sorrento Biscotto' bedplate and the exceptional insulation of the refractory stone around the dome itself.

The Dome is truly a statement piece and would not look out of place in even the most luxurious Italian restaurant or pizzeria.  It is also available in four different colorways and has a wide range of base unit options to suit every requirement. Bakes up to 84 x 35cm pizzas per hour.

Tailor Made Heating Elements

The design of the heating elements guarantees an immediate heat supply each and very time and the addition of a front heating element enables pizzas to be baked very close to the oven's mouth, thereby maximising the usable baking area of the oven.

Octagonal Baking Chamber

The shape of the baking chamber has been optimised to allow the best possible surface for baking; up to 7 x 35cm pizzas or 4 x 45cm pizzas at one time.

Sorrento Biscotto Bedplate

The specially designed bed plate is made from a special porous brick known as 'Sorrento biscotto' which heats up really quickly and retains the heat for a long time, ensuring the bake performance is always perfect.

Superb Dome Insulation

The refractory stone used to cover the dome provides exceptional heat insulation enabling the oven to store energy and release it when needed.

Different Colourways to Suit Your Decor

The Dome comes in 4 chic colours to perfectly complement your restaurant's decor whether it be traditional or ultra-modern.

Digital Control Panel

The Dome also comes with a digital control panel which provides the following functions:

  • Chamber Temperature (max 530 degrees C)
  • Heating Power % for ceiling and bedplate
  • Front Heating Element activation and deactivation
  • Internal Chamber Light
  • Baking Timer
  • Scheduled Weekly Auto Switch On
  • Cleaning Programme
  • Economy Function which boosts absorbed power

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