MONO Eco-Flow ZERO Water Meter

Eco-Flow ZERO - the Intelligent Water Meter with Zero-to-Drain Water Wastage!

MONO Equipment's New highly accurate Eco-Flow Zero Water Meter has been manufactured to the highest standards and boasts zero water wastage to drain.

Water is a commodity we cannot live without, and due to population growth, changing weather patterns and global warming etc. it is generally accepted around the world that we should try to conserve as much of this expensive and valuable resource as we can.  Using the Eco-Flow Zero Water Meter will help you towards this goal.

Featuring a full-colour 5.7" touch screen control panel the water meter can store up to 200 programmes.  The controller provides a simple user-friendly interface to the many features and benefits inherent in the Eco-Flow Zero, including the ability to manage product recipes and control up to 2 spiral mixers simultaneously.

Each water meter incorporates a flour temperature probe which senses the temperature of the flour so the Eco-Flow Zero Water Meter knows what to adjust the water temperature to.

There are two models available; one to control spiral mixers and the other to work with mixers that have timers.

The Eco-Flow Zero Water Meter is wall mountable and provides the perfect solution for bakers who can take advantage of the cost savings that using the water meter can bring.


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