Jac Slim

Jac's highly-compact circular blade slicer provides the perfect solution for small businesses that have limited space but need to quickly and easily slice a large volume of items.

Requiring just one person to set up and operate, Jac's Slim Slicer is just 600mm wide and slices up to 130 slices per minute.

Each slicer features a user-friendly touch-screen controller which gives you the option to select the slice thickness and number of slices required together with the option to slice just half the loaf or the entire loaf.

The Slicer includes an automatic claw which grips the loaf and stabilises it during the rapid slicing process and the 26cm teflon-coated slicing blade effortlessly cuts through all types of bread cleanly and efficiently.

The Slim also incorporates an inbuilt removable Crumb Collector which collects all the crumbs and bread debris from the slicer as well as a Vertical Bagger to provide an easy and convenient mechanism to position the sliced loaf in the perfect position for bagging.



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