MONO Universal Confectionery Depositor

MONO's NEW Universal Confectionery Depositor has been introduced to replace, and surpass, the much loved Delta Confectionery Depositor, which has been in loyal service for over 20 years!

Our NEW industrial-standard Universal incorporates the very latest touch screen technology ensuring designing even the most creative and demanding shape is simple and intuitive.  The NEW Universal also features Picture Programming which streamlines and simplifies the whole product design process.  A wealth of NEW innovative options and features elevate the Universal above the lofty heights originally achieved by its predecessor.

In addition to the standard type of depositing used to produce cupcakes, macarons and eclairs, the Universal is also capable of producing an almost inexhaustible range of intricate designs which mimic the time-honoured craftsmanship of the most skilled Confectioner.  Complex shapes like square and round nests, hearts and pretzels can be deposited with consistency and precision.

It is available with a single, double or triple hopper system enabling up to 3 different mixes to be deposited simultaneously to create unique multi-coloured products.  The combination hopper is suitable for both hard and soft mixes and features a large set of aluminium rollers positioned above a second set of smaller gears.  This new and improved 4-gear system provides the optimum pressure to drive through even the stiffest mixes with ease and accuracy.  For true versatility the two lower gears can also be replaced with Particulate Gears to deposit particles like choc-chips without crushing the suspensions.

Available in three sizes 400, 450 and 600 to fit the industry's most common tray sizes 40cm, 45cm and 60cm wide respectively.  The 600 machine is also available for the very first time with a Wirecut option providing excellent throughput on a much larger tray.

The Universal is capable of taking a comprehensive range of high quality templates for hard mix, soft mix and combi-mix hoppers including standard, sheeting, rotary, biscuit, staggered, wirecut, ladyfinger, injection.  This versatile range, when combined with the various hopper types, hopper configurations, dies and nozzles means that the Universal 3D-X provides the perfect solution for high volume, high quality confectionery production.

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