Gami Confectionery Enrobers

"Thank you to MONO and Food Centre Wales for the BEST day ever!!!  Chris and Christian at MONO showed us how to make amazing chocolates! Nothing was too much trouble, no questions unanswered! Thank you for your time, expertise and kindness guys!"
Chris Thomas, Moody Ciw, Wales

Gami's confectionery enrobing machine is suitable for full, half, top and bottom coating.

The coatings are quickly and evenly melted by the integral bain-marie and mixed to maintain a uniform temperature.

Available in a number of size formats each machine features a simple to use digital control panel and the option to have an enrobing conveyor.

All made-to-order enrobing machines are manufactured in stainless steel guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.  The inclusion of lockable safety castors ensures ease of manoeuvrability.


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