FME CCM Wirecut

FME's CCM Wirecut Depositor has been designed to easily deposit a wide variety of dough such as soft, semi-solid and extra stiff by replicating the traditional time-consuming hand movements of the master confectioner – effortlessly – with speed and reliability.

Each depositor features either a 108kg or 180kg hopper which gently feeds the dough through to the templates and incorporates a pneumatic blade which makes clean and accurate cuts through a wide range of products including cookies, brownies, energy bars and doughs with particulates including nuts, seeds, raisins, chips and chunks.

Every stage of the depositing process is controlled from the intuitive, touch-screen controller which stores up to 100 programmes for future use; once a Product Recipe has been created and saved, it can be immediately recalled at the touch of a button.

Available in three size formats, each built-to-order depositor is manufactured in high grade stainless steel guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

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