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Panini's Chooses MONO to Supply New Gluten-Free Bakery

Date Posted: 25 May 2017

Panini’s Ltd Chooses MONO Equipment for its New Gluten-Free Bakery

From its humble beginnings, selling sandwiches from a small back street baguette bar in Swansea, Panini’s has grown to become a high-quality manufacturing business supplying chilled and frozen food to a range of prestigious clients including one of Europe’s leading food service operators, Sodexo, along with a number of NHS Trusts, local authorities, commercial airlines and a variety of high-end national retailers.

Founded in 1997, Panini’s overriding philosophy is to manufacture great tasting food, using the freshest ingredients available, at an affordable price; having complete control over the entire process, from baking their own fresh bread on-site to creating the actual sandwich fillings themselves ensures their stringent quality standards are always upheld.

Run by the affable Amieni brothers, Giovanni and Fabrizio, Panini’s turned to MONO Equipment when it recently decided to invest in a new gluten-free bakery to satisfy the burgeoning demand from local authorities, airline operators and retail outlets for this increasingly popular health-food trend.

Giovanni explains, ‘Today, more and more customers are looking for a gluten-free option and due to this increasing demand we decided, as a company, we needed to invest in a new gluten-free bakery, which naturally had to be physically divorced from our main production facility.  This, unsurprisingly, required a sizeable investment and, after receiving a number of quotations from various suppliers, we decided to go with MONO as they weren’t interested in just selling us equipment, but were actively interested in helping us not only develop our knowledge and expertise in setting up the gluten-free bakery but also in helping us to develop and refine our new range of gluten-free products.’

Chris Huish, Independent Sales Director at MONO continues, ‘I’ve worked with Giovanni and Fabrizio since 2005 when I sold them one of our Fusion Bread Plants, so when they asked me to provide a quotation for a new gluten-free bakery I was really excited.  MONO won the contract and was the sole supplier of equipment for the new bakery which included mixers, a Canol line and MONO rack ovens; I’ve since worked with Panini’s in developing a superb range of gluten-free products which delivers a ‘normal’ bread taste which is so sadly missing in many of the products available on the market today’

Panini’s new gluten-free bakery, which meets the highest standards as recommended by Coeliac UK, is already proving to be a great success and has won a number of contracts supplying a variety of major public and private sector clients; the Amieni brothers are currently looking at further expanding their product range to provide even great customer choice in the future.



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