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MONO Hosts its Second International Distributor Conference this Summer

Date Posted: 23 July 2018

left to right: Jacky Chan, Hong Kong Food Machinery Co; Simon Moon, MONO Equipment; Seth Yap, Addax Bake Automation PTE; Hassab Majied, H&I Trading; Daniel Lee, Addax Bake Automation PTE; Flor Pereda, Representaciones Hotelia CA; Kozoh Kimura, Daiwa International; Alamin Hassabelrasoul, H&I Trading; Caspar Wieland, Wieland-Boku AG; Beat Dietrich, Wieland-Boku AG; Nelu Gavrilla, Techno G SRL; Jurica Bilic, Konding Projekt; Donna Haynes, MONO Equipment; Dalius Valinskas, UAB Baltgina; Dan Da Rocha, Erika Record; Darius Zubavicius, UAB Baltgina, Kenji Okada, Daiwa International; Ross McMillan, RF Bakery Equipment; Mina Yune, Kotes Co; Austin Archdeacon, Erika Record; Dongwan Kang, Kotes Co; Olaf Levin, Joanna Levin Hamburg; Ronald Levin, Joanna Levin Hamburg

MONO Welcomes the July Delegates for its 2018 International Distributor Conference - 21 Official Distributors from 13 Countries

This week MONO was delighted to welcome the arrival of 21 of its Official Distributors from around the world for a very special two-day conference aimed at introducing our loyal international distributors to a range of new product innovations through live demonstrations, technical insights and practical sessions.

MONO would like to thank each and every individual for the time they gave to visit us here in the UK and also for their committed attention and active participation in each of our sessions during the two-day event.  We thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the conference where everyone was encouraged to share their personal knowledge and experiences with the rest of the group. 

Some of the key new equipment showcased included MONO's new Universal 3D-X Three Colour Confectionery Depositor, our new Extra Wide Deck Oven, our new  Larger Rotary Rack Oven (takes 60cm x 80cm trays), our new Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant, our new BX Eco-Wash Convection Ovens and our new Auto Injector with OLED Screen.

Our Official Distributors came from as far afield as: Canada, China, Croatia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania, Romania, Singapore, Sudan, Switzerland, USA & Venezuela


We wish everyone a safe journey home and look forward in continuing our positive dialogue with you again in 2018.


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