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Discover MONO's Eco-Touch Energy Saving Ovens for Yourself

Date Posted: 20 December 2013

MONO Equipment's ground-breaking BX Eco-Touch Convection Oven has become a firm favourite with users throughout the UK and, indeed, across the globe due to its user-friendly, state-of-the-art Touch Screen Controller and its wealth of innovative energy-saving features.

This superb full colour controller, together with all the energy-saving features, has now been sucessfully adopted on MONO's highly flexible DX Harmony Modular Deck Oven and the MX Rack Oven.  Some of the energy-saving features include:

Sleep Mode - this feature directs the oven to revert to a pre-set, optimum temperature after being in an idle state for a given period.  The 'Sleep' state reduces energy consumption dramatically between bakes and also maintains the oven at the most favourable temperature to return to full baking heat as quickly as possible.

Auto Shutdown - this feaure provides a fail-safe mechanism to prevent the oven from being left on for extended periods of time, or overnight, thereby safeguarding the unnecessary use of electricity.

USB Programmable - this facility provides a quick and easy method of updating wallpapers, bake programs, skin packs and software updates while at the same time minimising your carbon footprint by reducing the need for engineers to visit each site to undertake updates etc.

High-End Insulation - the use of rigid, foil-faced, overlapped insulation panels help reduce heat leakage while the fully-welded bake chamber and single piece rubber door gasket ensures a perfect seal to retain both heat and steam within the oven.

For further information please check out the BX Eco-Touch Convection Oven, the DX Eco-Touch Harmony Deck Oven and the MX Eco-Touch Rack Oven  or visit our Resource Centre to download the relevant pdf brochures.



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