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Transform Your Bread Production

Date Posted: 07 January 2014


MONO Equipment's flagship bread plant, The Fusion, is designed to dramatically improve output capacity and efficiency, increasing the volume of items that can be effortlessly produced compared with the more traditional methods involving manual labour.

Ideal for the small to medium sized bakery, the Fusion Bread Plant is designed to produce a range of products including tin breads, bloomers, batons and French sticks.

The highly-acclaimed Fusion Bread Plant, which has been adopted by some of the UK's leading supermarket chains for use in their in-store bakeries, is available in four different size formats:

The Fusion - comprising a Volumetric Divider, a 10-minute 180-Pocket Intermediate Prover and a Combination Moulder

The Fusion Pro - exactly the same as the Fusion but with the addition of a Conical Rounder

The Fusion Compact - a smaller version of the Fusion comprising a Volumetric Divider, a smaller 4-minute 88-Pocket Intermediate Prover and a Metro Moulder

The Fusion Compact Pro - the same as the Fusion Compact but the addition of a Conical Rounder

For further information please check out the Fusion, the Fusion Pro, the Fusion Compact and the Fusion Compact Pro or visit our Resource Centre to download the relevant pdf brochure.


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