MONO Integrated Deck Oven Loader

"...these beauties give sourdough crusts like you wouldn't believe!" Authentic Bread Company, Gloucestershire, UK

"The best deck oven I've ever used." Harrods' baker, London, UK


MONO's NEW Integrated Deck Loader has been designed to remove the strain out of having to manually load even oven deck with a wide range of artisan breads and rolls and is the perfect partner for our DX Harmony Modular Deck Oven.

Requiring just one person to operate, the Integrated Deck Loader is perfect for artisan bakers as it is designed to load products directly onto the oven sole thereby reducing manual handling of the dough, which alleviates undue stress on the final product and helps to ensure even heat distribution - perfect for traditional oven-bottom bread.

The NEW Integrated Deck Loader features an advanced counterweight system to quickly and effortlessly raise and lower the mechanism smoothly, while the locking handles places the loader in the correct position for precision loading of each deck.  The resting position, located at the top of the oven, ensures the loader is kept safely out of the way when not in use and also makes use of valuable floor space.

Each built-to-order Integrated Deck Loader is manufactured in stainless steel and aluminium, guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to-clean.


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