MONO Aztec Doughnut Fryer

Mono Equipment’s Aztec Doughnut Fryer is the ideal solution for any sized business as it is designed to produce up to 800 yeast raised doughnuts per hour with speed and reliability. 

The doughnuts are gently fed into the oil - which is automatically heated up to the required temperature required - and a turnover device automatically turns finger, ball and ring doughnuts, ensuring a perfect finish each and every time.

Each fryer is fitted with an integral oil filtration system which ensures that the oil is cleaned each and every time, reducing the amount of oil used and extending the life of the oil by up to 80%, which in turn results in significant cost savings.  The filtration unit also acts as a reservoir for automatically replenishing the oil to its optimum level.

All built-to-order Aztec Fryers are manufactured in stainless steel, guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.  The inclusion of lockable safety castors ensures ease of manoeuvrability.

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