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Coffee shops have so dramatically infiltrated our high streets in recent years that they are now integrated into the very fabric of our society.  It is believed the UK has one of the most vibrant coffee cultures in the world with brands like Costa Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, Caffe Nero, Coffee Republic & Coffee #1, along with hundreds of independent artisan coffee shops, offering the coffee aficionado a welcoming, wifi-enabled social venue in which to enjoy their favourite beverage with friends.  

The temptation once in a coffee shop, however, is to also pick up food at the same time; maybe a savoury or sweet 'treat' with your flat white, cortado, ristretto or skinny latte.  

Some coffee shops have also now started to expand their food offering to attract more customers at key times of the day e.g. hot breakfast rolls in the morning.

MONO Equipment offers a range of food-to-go Compact convection ovens, some of which have a footprint small enough to fit in even the smallest of coffee shops. These superb ovens, many of which are plug-&-play single phase, are perfectly suited to baking part-baked or frozen products like croissants, pan au chocolat and Danish pastries along with grab-and-go items like sausage rolls, pasties and other savoury products. 

Group of friends enjoying coffee & cake in a coffee shop
Cup of coffee & coffee bean grinder

Also suited to the coffee shop, which serves slices of Victoria sandwich, chocolate fudge, lemon drizzle and carrot cakes etc, is MONO Equipment's automatic CakePortioner which effortlessly slices soft round cakes at the touch of a button into equally sized individual portions.  The number of portions required per cake is selected by a simple digital controller, helping to maximise yield and minimise wastage due to inconsistent portion sizes.

MONO Equipment also offers a range of Cream Machines which expertly aerates cream, increasing its volume and improving its texture. These small compact machines are ideal for producing small quantities of cream as and when required for filling pastries such as apple turnovers and doughnuts etc  

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