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On-Site Test Bakery

mono equipment on site test bakery

MONO's On-Site Test Bakery - A Superb Resource for Customers 

"A great facility. Had many hours of playing in there!" Wayne Caddy, Head of Baking, The School of Artisan Food

MONO Equipment's on-site Test Bakery is of the one added-value services offered to customers throughout the UK, and indeed, across the globe.

Set up over 30 years ago, the Test Bakery, provides a comprehensively equipped bakery environment for customers which can be used for a variety of purposes including the safe and secure development, testing and refining of new recipes, the planning of new food menus and the testing and evaluation of new equipment prior to purchase.

Highly innovative and ground breaking when it was initially introduced, the Test Bakery is now firmly established as an integral and valuable free resource for our customers and it is an important part of our customer service offering.

This highly-valued, professional facility provides a peace-of-mind guarantee to a wide range of customers, from the owner-managed artisan baker wishing to develop and test a new product range, to the pre-mix and/or ingredient manufacturer who wishes to test a new recipe, through to the large supermarket chain who wishes to test thoroughly a new range of equipment before making the final decision and commitment in making a large capital investment.

mono equipment on site test bakery
mono equipment on site test bakery

Many of our international customers and International Official Distributors also fly in to the UK to use our Test Bakery facility in order to test if a piece of our equipment they may be interested in will work effectively with their particular combination of ingredients and perhaps different quality flours etc.  

The Test Bakery is also frequently used as a Training Centre for customers to learn how to maximise the effectiveness of our equipment e.g. programming our Confectionery Depositors to get best possible results with minimised wastage.

MONO Equipment also uses The Bakery as the venue for its MONO Masterclasses which are aimed at providing expert insights into a wide range of baking processes and techniques.  For more info click MONO Masterclass.

If you'd like to visit MONO's Test Bakery to try-before-you-buy any of our equipment (subject to availability) or you'd like to use the Bakery as a venue for your own bakery training / filming needs, please contact sales@monoequip.com  We look forward to hearing from you.


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