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our Depositors are not just used for muffins & macarons...

A number of years ago MONO Equipment was approached by a lady who wanted to know if our Confectionery Depositors could be used to deposit soap into cupcake cases, which would resemble the familiar cream-topped treat we have all grown to love; our answer was we didn't know as we had never tried, but we would love to find out!  A week later the lady was busy in our Test Bakery experimenting with her mix and one of our depositors.  Needless to say... it worked perfectly!

The Soap Cakes featured opposite were deposited on our Omega Plus Confectionery Depositor using a Soft Mix Hopper and a Rotary Template.

Firstly the base of the 'cake' was deposited with the rotary function switched off, then the 'cream swirl' on the top of the 'cake' was added with the rotary function active. The height of swirl along with the tightness of the swirl is all programmed in to the touch screen control panel and saved for future use. 

By experimenting with these values, and by using different Plastic Nozzles, our client was able to achieve the exact result she was hoping to achieve.

mono confectionery depositors
mono confectionery depositors

MONO Equipment has also recently worked with a very prominent London cosmetics company who wanted to deposit a luxury range of exclusive, organic face creams and face masks into small glass jars for retail sales.

Once again MONO Equipment's Omega Plus Confectionery Depositor was put through its paces in our Test Bakery and worked impeccably well depositing just the right volume of each cosmetic into their respective jars.  The company was so impressed that they placed an order for an Omega straight away.

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