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Wayne Caddy, The Essential Baker, Using MONO's Harmony Modular Deck Ovens at a Sourdough Masterclass

MONO Masterclass - Learn Techniques & tricks of the trade

MONO Equipment's Masterclasses are taught by best-in-class, professional bakers and pastry chefs who excel in their particular field of expertise.  These eagerly anticipated training events, held at our on-site Training Bakery in Swansea,  are enjoyed and valued by both novices and professionals alike.  

The Masterclasses are often chosen and developed in response to requests from our customers, along with trends which are prevalent in the sector at the time.  The number of attendees at each Masterclass is limited to a maximum of just 10 individuals which provides an ideal sized party for group interaction and individual tuition.

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"MONO's Chocolate Made Easy" is run by world-class chocolate and ingredients supplier Barry Callebaut.

Our Chocolate Masterclass will include demonstrations by Master Chocolatier, Beverley Dunkley, showing how to create a range of mouth-watering artisan moulded chocolates, enrobing hand-made chocolates, making and decorating biscuits and creating eye-catching Easter themed products using the Gami Chocolate Enrobers in Priestley Bakers training kitchen. 

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Date: 27 February 2019   Venue: Priestley Bakers, Slough

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"MONO's Doughnut Masterclass" is run by expert ingredient innovators, Dawnfoods, who are famous for their ground-breaking, high quality ingredients & finishing products.

Our Doughnut Masterclass will include a programme of insightful and highly creative demonstrations showing the entire process of how doughnuts are manufactured, from mixing to decorating - and every stage in between - using world-class ingredients & finishing products by Dawnfoods and specialist doughnut equipment in MONO's Test Bakery.

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Date: 24 & 25 October 2018   Venue: MONO Equipment, Swansea

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"Chocolate Made Easy" is run by master chocolatier Beverly Dunkley of renowned chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut.

Beverly has extensive knowledge of, and a great passion for, chocolate, having gained her Advanced Pastry Diploma at Birmingham College.  Further experience at a Relais Chateau venue and a Relais Dessert Oberweiss strengthened her knowledge which enabled her to set up the UK Chocolate Academy.

Our Chocolate Made Easy event promises to debunk the myths surrounding chocolate and will include making eye-catching chocolate bars, enrobed healthy snacks, enrobed handmade chocolates with transfer prints, decorated & enrobed biscuits and simple, effective Christmas Gifts using the Gami Chocolate Enrober.

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Date: 18 October 2018   Venue: MONO Equipment, Swansea

Ultimate Sourdough Masterclass Advert

MONO's Ultimate Sourdough Masterclass is run by The Essential Baker, Wayne Caddy.  

With over 20 years' experience in the baking industry and the first ever UK baker to complete the prestigious Masters de la Boulangerie in Paris, Wayne promises to bring the topic of sourdough alive with exciting new flavours and different moulding and stencilling techniques.

Full details can be found @ Wayne Caddy Sourdough Masterclass


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