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MONO Equipment's customer base is as large as it's diverse, ranging from a small coffee shop requiring just a small and reliable compact oven to re-heat food-2-go products through to a fully equipped scratch bakery requiring every piece of equipment needed to produce freshly baked bread on the premises.  In between these two extremes lies a huge variety of business, each with their own unique requirements.  Detailed below is just a small selection of case studies illustrating how MONO Equipment helps its customers maximise their profits and efficiencies. 

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Multi-Coloured Depositing
MONO Equipment's flagship confectionery depositor, the Universal 3D-X, enables up to 3 different mixes to be deposited simultaneously to create unique multi-coloured products.

Panini's Sandwiches Case Study

Princes Restaurant & Bakery Case Study

Kashmir Crown Bakeries Case Study

Kashmir Crown Bakeries, UK
A true rags-to-riches story of one of the UK's largest Asian food manufacturers and how MONO assisted with their growth and prosperity.

Panini's Sandwiches Case Study

Panini's Sandwiches, UK
A new gluten-free bakery supplied entirely by MONO Equipment.

Princes Restaurant & Bakery Case Study

Prince's Restaurant & Bakery, UK
MONO helps a traditional family bakery modernise to maximise their production & increase their profit margins


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