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View from the deck of a luxury cruise liner

From Oil Rigs to Luxury CRuise Liners... 

MONO Equipment has a long and proud history of providing a range of equipment to off-shore businesses including cruise liners and oil rigs for the manufacturing of bread, pastries and confectionery products while at sea.

Probably one of the most prestigious offshore clients MONO Equipment has supplied is the world-famous Queen Elizabeth II cruise liner, affectionately referred to as the QE2.

Built for the Cunard Line in 1969, the QE2 acted as both a transatlantic liner and cruise ship providing a service between her home in Southampton and New York. After almost 40 years' service she was retired in 2008, but is still regarded by many as being  one of the greatest transatlantic cruise ships of all time.

As can be seen from the original 1970s media advertisement featured alongside, MONO was delighted to supply the QE2 with a variety of bakery equipment including water meters, high speed mixers, dividers and moulders for its professional on-board bakery.

Each day the on-board bakery needed to produce enough fresh bread loaves, rolls and other pastries  to satisfy the appetites of not only the 1,015 QE2 crew members but also the demands and high expectations of upto 1,900 fee-paying passengers.

details of the equipment Mono supplied to the QE2
Oil rig platform out at sea

Today MONO Equipment continues to supply a variety of offshore clients, including oil rig platforms, with a variety of equipment including  water meters, spiral and planetary mixers, BDMs, Multi Moulders, deck ovens, pizza ovens, convection ovens and retarder provers, along with confectionery depositors, jelly sprayers and cream machines.

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The talented patisserie team of P&O's IONA with MONO's Epsilon Depositor

and chef with MONO's Gemini Two-Pocket Roll Plant 


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