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the average shopper visits a convenience store 4 times per week

Although the traditional corner shop/convenience store still remains a focal point of many communities, it has naturally evolved over time to become much more than just an open-all-hours shop providing daily staples like bread, milk and newspapers.  Today, the convenience store offers its customers an extended range of products and services which may include National Lottery tickets, an Amazon Locker, a Western Union money transfer point, a Post Office counter and a tempting range of food-to-go products.

Although the convenience store is undoubtedly having to contend with the online shopping revolution, what it offers in abundance that the online shopping experience can't is a sense of community and warmth.  Convenience also equates to speed and instant gratification; the convenience store is there exactly when you need it.

As convenience stores offer an increasingly diverse range of products and services, it is natural that more and more people are re-discovering the true convenience that they provide.

One of the more recent trends adopted by many convenience stores is the offering of freshly baked food-to-go products such as bread rolls, Danish pastries, tray-bakes, pasties, pies and sausage rolls.  

customer using a credit card at the counter
Inside a convenience store brimming with products

Many of these products are either frozen or part-baked and simply 'finished off' in a small convection oven to provide the allusion and appeal of a fresh baked product.

MONO Equipment provides a selection of small, compact convection ovens which are perfectly suited to the convenience store, petrol forecourt or mini-mart business.

The smallest of our convection ovens, the Compact 643.

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